This writing thing…

I spent months writing what I thought would be the first book in a four book series, “Dauntless.” During that process I built a history, technology, military, government and a slew of other niggling details which often consumed my days and nights in research and some really interesting nightmares. Imagine waking up screaming  “Repel boarders!” Nightmares are my constant companions yet my futile imagination often takes hold of my dreams and I had spent too many hours completely immersed in the world in which I created.

Creating a world is a daunting task. If I write suspense or a mystery even set in 18th Century England, there are numerous sources to consult. But I didn’t have any of that. So I had to create it completely. I had to make it believable, consistent and more importantly be able to drive the story forward in interesting and compelling ways.

This marketing thing meant I needed to come up with a free story to give away to subscribers of my website. So, I thought I would go back and write about a pivotal point in “Dauntless” the Pirate War. Yes it only had two battles, but it significantly influenced the events and people of “Dauntless.”

Setting down to write this so called “free book” I discovered there was a great deal more to tell. Then, in a flash of inspiration, I realized that Dauntless was the second book in the series. “Dauntless: The Pirate War” was born.

I thought it would be an easy write taking merely a month or so. That was three months ago and today I find myself only two thirds of the way through the book. And after I finish this book, I will have to go back and fix “Dauntless” to provide continuity to the series.

So, a four book series was now five books. But I had created an interesting future and it had taken a great deal of time and effort. What could I do to continue with it? How about a sixth book? Another inspiration offered up the possibility of a seventh book.

I do not plan on being one of those authors who take a trilogy out to twenty books but when the series ends, it will end in a decisive manner tying all the threads I’ve built to a complete end. I may play around a bit more with side stories. But it will end.

And then I will have to start all over again…

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