Thinking Computers…

In my created worlds, the usual AI’s weren’t cutting it for me. There are a lot of reasons with too many for the scope of this blog. The short version was I wanted an interesting AI. It was suggested something like Moya from the show “Farscape” but I thought it too limiting. So cutting the difference between the projected AI’s of the future and a self-aware ship, I created what I call an “Artificial Personality.”

The formal definition from my notes is as follows: “Artificial Personality: An extremely complex and sophisticated Artificial Intelligence designed to collate information from thousands of sensor feeds, lidar, radar, thermal, radio, external and internally generated data streams to create a simple and concise picture of the battlespace for a ship’s Command Staff. Specialized Personality Matrices were created to provide this information in a personable way. They are currently considered extremely experimental and highly illegal under the UCP Constitution so AP’s are very top secret.”

What appeared on the pages astounded me. The AP’s make their own stories and are as much of a character as the living and breathing ones. Each of them have their own personality, fears, loves, hates, doubts about survival and constantly try and understand the human condition. Jennifer, the AP on “Dauntless” taught me a great deal about how to look at the other characters through her eyes and she helped create her own subplots and stories.

I can hardly wait to see what the future will bring with these new interesting class of characters!


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