Review: HMS Rodney: The Famous Ships of the Royal Navy Series

Any student of battleships and naval warfare needs to have this book on their bookshelves. A Nelson class battleship built with cutting edge technology in 1922, she fought all the way through WWII including in the battle which sunk the Bismarck. An interesting fact was the HMS Rodney was the only battleship to fire torpedo’s at another battleship and it was on that fateful day.

Well written as usual with this author and a compelling and interesting read.

There were a couple of annoying points and one of them is my impatience at wanting to get to the story of the battleship and not the career of who she was named for and the various ships carrying that name. The second is it being reprinted and not really set up for Kindle with the references being at the end of the chapter rather than the back of the book.

Excellent read otherwise!

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