Review: Calexit – An Anthology

We’ve all heard of “Brexit” where Great Britain voted to leave the EU. That stirred up some debate in California about them possibly seceding from the Union. The recent events in Catalonia attempting to do the same from Spain with the resulting brutal government crackdown makes this book even more timely when I purchased it and rapidly read through it. (You might have not heard anything about Catalonia in the MSM but need to look for your news in other places!) My own personal interest comes from studying the “Basque Conflict” terrorism which started in 1959.

What would happen if California left the USA so they could follow their own agenda which in many cases is completely different from the rest of us? Based on the stories in this book it wouldn’t be very pretty of which I agree. California as a state is already on the brink of financial collapse for a number of reasons which aren’t relevant here. For me it might be a nice place to visit (certain sections) but not a place where I would live for as they say “All the tea in China.” Sorry I’ll put up with sometimes brutal Midwestern winters and often changing weather to stay out of a state where I would be taxed almost to death to support policies which make no sense to me at all.

Of interest the stories could also postulate a horrific future for us as a country and we had continued upon some of our past paths. Except there would probably be an armed civil war as a result tearing the country completely apart.

So let’s say California left the Union? There are a lot of military bases in the state. What would happen to them? There are also a number of people like police, fire and EMS who regularly put their lives on the line for strangers. What would a state look like if they left? How about the malcontents who make living interesting wherever you go? What would they do? Those questions and many thought provoking others are answered in this book.

The beginning is approached from several different angles and the end is interesting but still leaving a lot of room to explore in hopefully future volumes.

I sensed the deft guiding hand of the editor in many of the stories without the heaviness of someone who edits for a living. The stories are interesting and told from perspectives that informed me of things I really didn’t know before like how to fix the brakes on a 737 without a massive information dump often seen as written by inexperienced writers.

Of the dozen books I’ve read this week, this one was the most thought provoking and interesting often taking me away from my own writing as I eagerly read each story to the end.

Highly recommended!

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