Review: Battleship Marine-A Combat History Of The USS Wisconsin In Desert Storm

I will admit that I could cut at least a half an hour out of every movie I’ve ever seen including ones that are only 35 minutes long. Which brings me to why this book will be only getting four stars out of five because it is too short.

I’m writing Military SF about a battleship type of spaceship. What could be better than a book about Marines on the USS Wisconsin during Desert Storm? Please take my money! I’ve read hundreds of books on naval warfare trying to glean tidbits of information about Marines on ships of the line all throughout history. Now I had what I thought in my greasy Kindle were the answers to everything I’d quested for!

Well not so much. To me it felt as though I’d paid for a four course meal and gotten a handful of crackers with some unnamed bits of cheese on them. I wanted so much more. Details of ship life–the food, the smells, the sounds, how the ship felt as she fired broadsides and chopped through the waves. I want to be there, alongside him as he made his way through the ship, what he felt, his fears, his duty and whatever random images he could possibly convey.

Please don’t get me wrong, this is a fun, quick read and highly recommended. But at the end you will be probably saying, like I did, “That’s it???!”

This is why it will only get four stars. Yes, I won’t review anything not getting at least three stars. But adding the odd half hour of material would have easily earned this book five stars.

I challenge the author to do this–add a bit more and publish it again. And I’ll review it and probably give it five stars. As it is, he still does have a fan for life.

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