Review: Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler’s Defeat

I always wanted to know the real story behind some of the sneaky things done during WWII. This book starts before the war all the way through until the various units were disbanded after the war. There were a lot of riveting stories of the actions of very many brave, patriotic and dedicated people who fought they tyranny of the Nazi’s. Some of them probably wouldn’t be believable as fiction they are so wild like driving an old destroy filled with explosives into a dry dock to destroy it. Or the audaciousness of sneaking into Norway to blow up Heavy Water machinery so Hitler wouldn’t be able to build a nuclear weapon. Then sinking the ship containing the already manufactured Heavy Water.

If you have any interest in explosives you can read how the first magnetic limpet mine was made out of two salad bowls. Or the most effective anti-submarine system the Hedgehog was developed by reading the stories of the maverick, genius inventors who developed them.

The entire book is framed by the politics of the time in which British arms development and manufacturing were not suitable at all for creating and fielding such weapons. Even more importantly was Churchill taking an interest in conducting “Ungentlemanly Warfare” despite the obvious disdain and outright contempt of that particular type of warfare in the British military.

This was an intensely researched and lovingly written book. Very highly recommended!

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