Review: The Heirs of Earth

I read a great deal of SF. Some of it good, some of it shockingly bad. Much in the middle. This book is well worth your time to pick up and read. Excellent, interesting characters, really cool situations they need to work through and a lot of threads which will be hopefully completed in later … [Read more…]

Review: Calexit – An Anthology

We’ve all heard of “Brexit” where Great Britain voted to leave the EU. That stirred up some debate in California about them possibly seceding from the Union. The recent events in Catalonia attempting to do the same from Spain with the resulting brutal government crackdown makes this book even more timely when I purchased it … [Read more…]

Review: Carrier Pilot: One of the greatest pilot’s memoirs of WWII – a true aviation classic.

I knew that in WWII the US Navy considered the Vought F4U Corsair was considered too dangerous to fly on and off of aircraft carriers and was relegated to ground basing. It was nicknamed “Ensign Eliminator” and “Bent-Wing Eliminator” due to it requiring a lot more training with corresponding crashes as a result. Having stood … [Read more…]

Review: Forged in Blood

I will admit, I own a haunted handgun. I’m a .41 magnum fanatic. At the gun store where I once worked, a police evidence room trade in came in. It was a S&W Model 57 pin barrel. It was beautiful to behold and I couldn’t whip out my credit card fast enough. After I finished … [Read more…]

Review: The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy’s Finest Hour

I pretty much read this book from cover to cover. Then I read it again. This book will be a go to book for years to come seeking inspiration for my writing of military Science Fiction. Uncommon bravery was common in those fateful hours as Task Force Taffy 3 fought against overwhelming odds to win … [Read more…]

One Million Steps Review

This book blew me completely away. Seriously. The author had served with the same unit in Vietnam and now was imbedded with them in Afghanistan. You would get to like a particular Marine and then they would be killed in combat. And this happened over and over again. Despite horrible upper level leadership–those directing the … [Read more…]