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Yes being an independent author gives you extraordinary freedom.  It does come a significant price–you have to do or are responsible for EVERYTHING!

I am not only responsible for writing a novel, I’m responsible for editing, layout, marketing and all the little tiny nuances involved. Some days I spend more time on those things than simply writing. Yes some of it blog posts but I spend many hours editing before sending it out for final editing. Some of the things I have done at the very nice folks Frostbite Publishing at They can do it all and if you need their services, please tell them that I sent you.

However Military SF covers are way out of their cover artist’s abilities. So I went hunting. Some of it was mind numbing work even being a Google Wizard. A common theme started to come to light–a gentleman by the name of “Tom Edwards.” Many of my favorite SF authors used his covers. I reached out to him and we came up with some concepts.

His covers are so detailed it’s astounding. They are full of life and color and are works of art. The reason I haven’t splashed them all over the place is because he technically owns them being the artist. However, I can use them for marketing so when I get close to releasing books I’ll be sure to post them.

If you work in the SF genre and need a cover, reach out to Mr. Edwards. And if you are at all interested in SF books. check out the gallery on his web site as it will blow you out of your socks.

Thank you all!


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